February 18, 2021

As our firm continues our 2021 series of Maximizing Profitability Through Real Estate, our February edition provides insight into what month-to-month leases entail. These articles are published by one of Truitt, Tingle, Paramore & Argent's most trusted vendor partners in the Dental Industry, CARR.


In part two of this series, Nashville | CARR Agent | Bryce Very walks us through concepts related to lease expirations which can turn into a monthly problem - “Are Month-To-Month Leases Good or Bad”. This article will discuss the downfalls of a tenant’s lease term expiring and subsequently the tenant finding themselves in the ‘month-to-month’ phase of a lease. This article will also examine the reasons one might opt for a month-to-month lease and how to keep options open.


Successfully negotiating a lease renewal is vital and when done in a timely manner can save a tenant thousands and avoid the headache of entering into a month-to-month situation. Landlords and landlord agents are sophisticated and extremely well versed at their craft in maximizing their profits via you. Making sure you have a firm who does thousands of these transactions each year representing you can be the difference in leaving thousands on the table.


Are Month To Month Leases Good Or Bad?


Whether you are evaluating a lease renewal in your current space, exercising certain options within your lease, evaluating your current space vs. what the market bears, having a team of experts guide you in your next CRE transaction can be the difference in achieving the best terms possible.


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CARR has represented many of our clients over the past several years nationwide, and the results have been phenomenal. Because of their expertise and CRE concepts, we have seen our clients save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their new lease, lease renewal, and purchase negotiations. 


 The best part about CARR being a tenant/buyer only CRE firm is their cost to you is zero – yes, you read that correctly, ZERO. As a leader in the Dental CPA Market, a scenario to where we can save our clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, while costing them zero, is a win-win for our clients.


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