January 23, 2018

Office staff often have more interaction with patients than dentists outside of appointment time. This represents an opportunity to improve the overall patient experience, and we have some tips to help you achieve this.

Project a professional image. How office staff interact with patients is critical, but so is the visual impression they make. Having a dress code, uniforms or logo wear for your practice can help. Make sure that aside from clothing, staff also keep their work areas tidy and free from clutter.

Create a consistent greeting. Have all staff answer the phone with a standard, friendly greeting… and remind everyone to “put a smile in their voice.”

Use good phone etiquette. Calling patients to confirm appointments and to schedule recall appointments may seem mundane to staff members, but it’s an important chance to connect with patients. Encourage staff to be polite and friendly while speaking slowly and clearly. 

Give a warm welcome. Ask staff to greet each patient promptly with a pleasant, personalized greeting and a smile when the patient arrives. Using the patient’s name in the conversation shows care and attentiveness.

Connect with patients on a personal level. Office staff should try to get to know patients by asking them politely about their families, travel or other interests. Building relationships helps to keep patients connected to your dental practice and its individual staff members. 

The dental business is becoming increasingly competitive, which makes retaining patients more important than ever. Dental office staff can help to strengthen the positive relationships that dentists nurture with their patients while contributing to an overall great patient experience.

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