March 23, 2018

The old adage that your company is only as good as the people that work for it has never rung truer than it does today. The cost of hiring—and then firing—an employee who turns out to be the wrong fit is huge. So how do you find the ideal employee the first time? Focusing on these four ‘Cs’ can help:

1. Characteristics. Create a detailed profile of the type of person who does well at your company. Look at your current “star” employees—what traits do they share that make them perform well? This can give you a good idea of what qualities to look for during the interview process.

2. Competence. Define the key competencies required for each position. Then make a list of requisite skills, experiences, and education and screen resumes using these criteria.

3. Compatibility. While characteristics and competence are key to hiring the ideal employee, the importance of a prospective hire being compatible with both your company’s culture and business model cannot be overstated. Ask yourself, “Can this person get along with my existing team, clients, and other stakeholders?” Be honest with your answer as you consider potential candidates.

4. Commitment. Considering the history of past jobs and time spent at each of them can provide insight on the general level of commitment an employee has to their career. Equally important is to incorporate questions to elicit the level of passion and commitment that candidates have toward your vision and business model.

Applying these tips will provide an effective framework to help you determine the ideal candidates to complement your current team.

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